Your AI ambition. Our Collective Expertise.

We are an angel syndicate of Europe's AI tech pioneers, experienced founders & operators, enthusiast tech buyers and supportive ecosystem players.


Foster a brighter AI future in Europe by backing the visionary founders shaping it.

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Who we are

AI Tech Pioneers: the ingenious minds from BigTech and Labs, pivotal in the creation and maintenance of today's AI infrastructures.

Experienced founders & operators: those that engineered companies from the ground up and enabled their internationalization and development.

Supportive Ecosystem: tech journalists, AI media owners, lawyers, executive recruiters, go-to-market & product experts who can fuel the growth trajectories of our portfolio ventures.

Enthusiast Tech buyers: early adopters crucial for budding enterprises. Their early patronage can be a game-changer, a facet often overlooked in Europe but prevalent in the US, where tech giants & scale-ups are keen on adopting nascent innovations.

Professional investors: astute professionals from tier one VCs, instrumental in providing guidance to our ventures in future fundraising stages.

Who we invest in

European Roots: Based in Europe or led by European founders.

Tech Focus: B2B AI-centric companies, whether in the application or infrastructure layer.

Founder Spirit: Driven by vision and ambition, yet deeply rooted in empathy and mindful of technology's broader implications.

Funding Stage: Actively seeking funding, from pre-seed to series B.

Our Portfolio



Animaj is a next-generation media company that brings high quality and inspiring brands to kids & families.Visit website

Adaptive ML

Model adaptation with RLHF & RLAIF, blazing fast inference, feedbacks collection, metrics monitoring, safety guardrails, automated A/B testing, and moreVisit website


Democratizing data to make reliable intelligence accessible to everyoneVisit website


The modern data stack for revenue teams. The #1 composable revenue platform. Execute repeatable playbooks that unlock revenue growth, without hiring an army of engineers.Visit website

Composable prompts

Rapid API development atop LLMs to power applications. Bring composition, templating, testing, caching, and visibility to the world of LLMs.Visit website

Become a better leader in 2 minutes a day.
Bunch is an AI coach & community that makes it easy for aspiring leaders to get 1% better every day 🚀

Our Founding Members

Your AI ambition. Our Collective Expertise.

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